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Relaxation (Firm)0
  • Relaxation (Firm)

With unique hand-and-forearm movement techniques, this oil-based massage serves to increase blood ci ...

Focus (with Oil)1
  • Focus (with Oil)

Up to 3 nominated areas of your choice, this firm massage focuses on releasing chronic tensions on specific areas you need. (*For 90-min or more, up to 5 areas can be nominated.)

Deep Tissue (with Oil)2
  • Deep Tissue (with Oil)

This massage uses slow-and-firm concentrated strokes to target unaligned layers of muscles, deep knots and connective tissues, improving movement and their functions.

Thai Yoga (Non-oil)3
  • Thai Yoga (Non-oil)

Using authentic Thai stretching techniques, this massage involves stretching the upper body and legs while applying firm pressure to muscles, allowing improved blood flow.

Combine (Thai+Oil)4
  • Combine (Thai+Oil)

Starting with Thai Yoga followed by Deep Tissue, giving you the best of both worlds in combination t ...