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Vigorous Thai Therapy

Leave your stress behind and welcome to Vigorous Thai, Revitalising Authentic Massage.

Established in 2005, our massage clinic is Thai Modern designed to help you restore and rebalance your body and mind.

We Accept

Our Services

Vigorous Thai Massage offers a various range of massages to fit your requirement or mood. From giving your feet that well deserved foot rub or the full body authentic Thai Massage we are confident we have the massage for you.

Relaxation (Firm)0
  • Relaxation (Firm)

With unique hand-and-forearm movement techniques, this oil-based massage serves to increase blood ci ...

Focus (with Oil)1
  • Focus (with Oil)

Up to 3 nominated areas of your choice, this firm massage focuses on releasing chronic tensions on specific areas you need. (*For 90-min or more, up to 5 areas can be nominated.)

Deep Tissue (with Oil)2
  • Deep Tissue (with Oil)

This massage uses slow-and-firm concentrated strokes to target unaligned layers of muscles, deep knots and connective tissues, improving movement and their functions.

Thai Yoga (Non-oil)3
  • Thai Yoga (Non-oil)

Using authentic Thai stretching techniques, this massage involves stretching the upper body and legs while applying firm pressure to muscles, allowing improved blood flow.

Combine (Thai+Oil)4
  • Combine (Thai+Oil)

Starting with Thai Yoga followed by Deep Tissue, giving you the best of both worlds in combination t ...

Standard Back Massage5
  • Standard Back Massage

Standard back massage uses unique techniques to realign muscle layers and release contracted fibers, ...